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The illegal practice means races can then be fixed — with huge profits coming from betting on the rigged outcomes. We caught one greyhound trainer on video boasting how he deliberately slowed down his dogs in order to rig races to get better odds.

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Keen to cash in, he then made arrangements to get some for our reporter, who was posing as someone looking to get involved in the sport. Valoids are a human drug used to treat vertigo and should only be given out by a doctor. They should never be given to animals.

I go over to Ireland every couple of weeks. Valoids have the chemical name of Cyclizine and are an anti-histamine drug given to treat humans for nausea, vomiting and dizziness. By slowing a dog, a trainer can lengthen the odds on it. Then, once it has been categorised as a long shot, the dog can run without drugs, vastly increasing its chances of winning. Meanwhile, selling prescription medicine on the black market and doping dogs is a contravention of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations of and the Animal Health and Welfare Act of The grandfather operates from a semi-detached ex-council house on the main street in Law, Lanarkshire.

Sources told us he was one of the biggest drug-dealers on the Scottish circuit — and so it proved when we met him. We filmed him selling us drugs and boasting how he could get us anything we wanted in Ireland. Passenger asked me as we left New Britain, CT, what do we do if one hits. I said, park the bus under a bridge and hope for the best. Then as I got ready to leave Hartford, after clearing with central dispatcher in Dallas that it was OK to proceed, the passengers all freaked out that it had just hit downtown Springfield.

8 Greyhound Bus Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Walk Instead

I called Springfield directly, and they said stay put. Finally 30 minutes later, I got the all clear. Downtown was a mess, but we thought it was over. I offload and go into the drivers room and hear over the TV 'we now have a confirmed touchdown on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Even in training they tell us we'll be driving the nations bail jumpers, fleeing felons, ex cons, pimps, and prostitutes.

Greyhound Secrets by R. Richard

In my experience though, most of my passengers were pleasant and just wanted to get from A to B. A lot of the stations are a hub of homelessness, beggars, and especially in NYC, the mentally ill. The ones Greyhound owns though largely employ some sort of security that keeps it restricted to ticketed passengers and those waiting for them Philly for example.

The bad rep also comes from the way they operate. Just because you have a ticket with a specific time and specific date, it doesn't mean you're guaranteed a seat on that bus. They just keep selling tickets regardless of how many seats are available. If there aren't enough seats, you gotta wait for the next one, which can be several hours.

You also hear of drivers getting lost a lot. That's because they give us these paper directions that are often wrong or haven't been updated since god knows when. Even when they are right, we're trying to drive the bus, read the directions, and watch for the street sign signs. It's honestly a miracle getting lost doesn't happen more often. If you get into an accident off-route, it's instant termination.

They also follow you on GPS and sometimes by car and will call you if you're off-route even though we aren't supposed to talk on the phone while driving.

Grades Within Grades

Before we even got to Easton, PA, some guy threw up the entire big gulp of Kool-Aid he was drinking when he boarded all over the second row. All throughout college, I knew I was gonna at least try out some sort of job where I could just have the road and my music, a sort of place of peace for me. After I graduated, a financial situation came up that was ultimately what pushed me into filling out the application.

I got the job and fell in love with the daily adventure and how soothing the combination of the highway and my music really was for me. Also, the windshield reflects the sun like crazy, so I always gotta crank the AC to compensate during the day. I'd say legit eyes closed asleep happened twice, maybe three times.

But that eyes-wide-open sleep, where you're there but not there, is what happens most. Galgos del Sol Nonprofit Organization. Blue the Grey Fitness Model. Free the Hounds Nonprofit Organization. Candy Cane Rescue Nonprofit Organization. Lil Olive Public Figure. Captain Paul Watson. Trafalgar Tours to Europe Travel Agency. Friends of Retired Greyhounds Nonprofit Organization. Every Greyhound Nonprofit Organization. Greyhound Rescue Nonprofit Organization.

Greyhound Equality Society Organization. Nellie Doodles Art Gallery. Littlemebigv Nonprofit Organization. Pages Liked by This Page. Greyhound Equality Society. Joy Designs. Fogwarts - The Lost Plot.

Greyhound Secrets

Greyhound Rescue Austin. Greyhounds Planet. Companions Not Commodities. Kent Greyhound Rescue. Project greyhound. Norfolk Greyhound Rescue. Sighthound Stopgap. Free the Hounds. Northants Greyhound Rescue. Northern Greyhound Rescue. Vintage Kitty Clothing. SA Greyhound Adoption. Information about Page Insights Data. He was a black boy and he was only about 18 months old. It was only his 4th race.