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Junior Magazine presents the best books for children - of all time, as voted for by you our readers. Before that, he was a graphic designer. In the story, the newly hatched caterpillar starts to look for food. On day one he eats one piece of fruit, the next two, the next three and so on, until he reaches the end of the week, when he eats a fabulous feast of muffins, pizza and pickle.

The following day he has a stomach ache! By now he is too fat to move and we wonder what is next for our hero. In a wily woodland mouse manages to escape being eaten by predators by telling them that an imaginary monster is going to appear at any minute. Max dons his wolf suit in pursuit of some mischief and gets sent to bed without supper. Fortuitously, a forest grows in his room, allowing his wild rampage to continue unimpaired.

A father, his four children of various sizes and the family dog are off in search of adventure… and a bear. On a rainy day, this story is a wonderful way of escaping the confines of the sofa, by suggesting the squelching of muddy fields, the crackle of wild woods, and the swirl and bluster of a snowstorm. Children of all ages enjoy miming their struggle on the journey that finally brings them to the cave where dwells the elusive bear. It was the idea that you could hide things in the pictures and then reveal them.

With an economy of words and a restrained humour, McBratney achieves this. First publised in it blends detailed images with simple, poetic narrative of a flame-haired witch and her familiar broom as they get into all kinds of scrapes. Well, what if she had other animals on there as well?

Top 100 Children’s Books

In the story, a narrator asks the zoo to send him a pet. However, the zoo keep sending animals which are completely inappropriate — a monkey who is too naughty, a camel who is too grumpy — and each one has to be sent back. Children love the fun involved in books that mix reality with fantasy. They all know what tea-time is, they know what a tiger is, but tea with a tiger is the silliest thing. There is also a regular touring live stage show that really brings the book to life.

And, the illustrations delight today as they ever did. The first Harry Potter novel has become one of the biggest selling books of all time since it debuted in The later, much darker volumes make Potter daunting for some under-tens but with films, stage versions and them parks the world of Harry Potter look set to grow. The cheeky Cat arrives and causes mayhem with his suggested rainy day games in the home of two young children, while their mother is out.

Adventures abound as each communication offers more intrigue. The envelopes are ingeniously built into the pages and each letter is cleverly designed to delight young readers. Check out the Jolly Christmas Postman for a festive update on this classic published in However, older brother Charlie appeals to her sense of fantasy to overcome common childhood issues — such as fussy eating. Exploring the country house they have moved to, the youngest daughter, Lucy, discovers a secret world inside a disused wardrobe and soon all the children are launched into the world of Narnia. Belief, betrayal and salvation are the strong biblical themes, but the appeal of this enduring fantasy reaches far beyond that.

Yet Dahl was never sentimental, and here the hero is the only son of the almost comically poor Bucket family, who wins the final place on a one-off tour of the top-secret sweet factory owned by Willy Wonka. While Dahl allows us to wallow in confectionery, the other children in the book — greedy, lazy and spoilt — come to sweetly sticky ends.

A wonderful novel for young readers which fires their imaginations and offers a cautionary tale. And, of course as all classic book it has been made in a film or two — the classic with Gene Wilder and the updated version with Johnny Depp. Illustrating her work with a delicate style, Potter brought the wonders of her beloved English countryside to an Edwardian audience who instantly fell in love with her books. Three children discover an enchanted wood where a gigantic magic tree grows.

At the top of the tree is a ladder which leads the children to a magic land that is constantly changing — they are sometimes extremely unpleasant the Land of Dame Slap or sometimes fantastically enjoyable the Land of Birthdays, the Land of Take-What-You-Want. Watzisname and the Angry Pixie. Their loneliness makes them anxious and the fluffy white owls begin to fret, but are overcome with relief and joy when mummy owl comes back.

A gently reassuring bedtime read for two-year-olds. Little boy Alfie accidentally locks his mother and his baby sister outside. Getting the door open again is a convoluted process involving neighbours and all sorts. First published in , the Alfie series of books is a warm and wonderful exploration for preschoolers. Donaldson and Scheffler unite for a beautiful story that encourages children to see how important we all are, big or small. A small snail longs to sail the seas and by hitching a ride with his massive friend the whale, he can explore icebergs, volcanoes and other wonders across the earth.

Professor Elizabeth Rowell’s Reserve Collection of LGT-Friendly Children’s Picture Books

However, when the whale is stranded on a beach, it is snail who can come to his rescue by writing an SOS message. Richly colourful and charming, with memorable rhyming. And, it also celebrated its 15th Anniversary in First published in , it tell the tale of a parent fox called Large promises Small, her cub, that whatever happens, she will always be there filling their life with love and cuddles.

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Small asks lots of questions, but Large is consistent in her reassuring replies. The fluffy illustrative style is appealing to young readers, whether the separation is only temporary at bedtime, or for a more prolonged period of a parent being away. Lily Brown and her cuddly toy, Blue Kangaroo, are inseparable. When Lily sees her beloved cuddly in the arms of someone else she realises that he is too special to lose.

A lovely bedtime read by award-winning illustrator Chichester Clark, a former Royal College of Art student who was taught by Quentin Blake. Great fun. In true Dahl style, this adventure first published in is rather strange, but wry and compassionate. Before the first page is out poor James Henry Trotter is orphaned and condemned to a life of cruelty with his Aunts Spiker and Sponge. However, one day he meets a strange man who offers him a bag of magic grains, only James drops the bag in the garden and a mighty peach appears. James is befriended by a clutch of insects who were also affected by the magic and they all fly away on an incredible adventure.

Dogger is a toy dog whose owner Dave takes him everywhere. Both must go through hard times before a happy reunion brings the story to a comforting close for readers. If family cats are independent creatures who wander off and do their own thing, Mog is no different. Like any naughty toddler she is told off for everyday misdemeanours, so the books translate beautifully.

Maisy, Mimi, Mausi or even Molly has been translated into 28 languages and sold over 25 million copies. There are now more than colourful first stories about the little mouse and her friends. Made into a Hollywood film in , Matilda is the story of a girl genius breaking out from the confines of a horrible home life and boring school. Charlotte is a spider who lives in a barn where one day, a runt piglet called Wilbur comes to live.

When she discovers that Wilbur is destined for slaughter, the spider manages to save him by writing special messages in her web. The Percy series has enjoyed huge success with preschoolers. Now an international phenomenon, the original books have a wonderfully dry humour. Several Mr. Men books made it into the voting box including some of the Little Miss series, which began in Simple in design and illustration, these bold characters get up to all kinds of comic capers because of their particular traits or habits. Bump, Mr.

Messy and Mr. Forgetful, all of which allow young children to explore different personalities through fun stories.

The Cat Came Back - Camp Songs - Kids Songs - Children's Songs by The Learning Station

Beautiful, pastel-shaded illustrations have made this a classic. A simple idea that has stretched to all kinds of themes. As well as the touchy-feely experience, the basic vocabulary repetition is a valuable — and enjoyable — early learning tool. School life is all about avoiding work and causing the teachers as much grief as possible; home life is a trial of avoiding parental discipline, while also eating all the sweets, cheating at competitions and generally being horrid. The Dennis the Menace of his time. It might be years old, but this novel about Ratty, Mole, Badger, Toad and the other animals of the riverbank is an evocation of rural England that still captures the imagination.

A sweet and enduring bedtime book in which the reader can say goodnight to the objects around the room and outside the window, in preparation for sleep. The series of Kipper books began in and have been adapted deftly for television. One of the great pioneers of the lift-the-flap novelty books for babies, Spot remains a timeless classic. Here, the honey-and-black puppy has gone missing at dinner time and mummy dog, Sally, must find him. Hill has sold millions of books in the Spot series. In this story, a very familiar bedtime scenario is played out: Wibbly Pig wants to do everything but go to bed.

Splashing in the bath, counting the stairs… what else can the little pig do to side-step sleep? Of course, eventually he has to give in to slumber — so a happy ending for all parents! The oldest book in the Top , the sheer brilliant fantasy of this story has not dimmed in over a century. A few words can help: If all you can remember is a few words, try Google. Put the words in quotes. Use only one or two, essential, easily-spelled, keywords. Selling One or Two Books.

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We never value a book over the net, nor do other reputable booksellers. If you have an older book which seems to have value, you might want to look at our page Buying and Selling Children's Books. Look through the suggestions below. If the process seems too complicated, we are pleased to recommend an very experienced children's specialist bookseller who does formal book searches and keeps a want list for customers.

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We also appreciate those who take the time to thank the contributors for researching their books. Thank you for writing back. I'm very familiar with the book, but I wouldn't have guessed it because what sticks in my mind is the great black dog who led them to the old gentleman's house. Everyone seems to remember books differently!

It was also published in hardback. I am really quite fuzzy on the details but I am looking for a book I read when I was about 9. It was a horror book and I am thinking the girls name was penny graves? She dies and a girl moves b them thAt looks just like her but she is evil and she gets hit by a truck after leaving a funeral or something and at the end she is reborn when this lady has a baby. The book was black and had a coffin on the front with a hand sticking out of it wearing a pink nightgown. Probably from Please help!

I don't know the name of the book, but by the cover description it sounds very much like the Point Horror series, so might be worth searching for cover images of them to see if any ring a bell! I recently remembered two books that I had as a child, 'The Giant's Toys' and 'the blue banana'.

They are listed on Amazon but are unavailable, as they were published in , by Hamlyn Robin. I would love to get copies of these, or in fact any of the 10 books from that particular series, have been looking all over the net! Look on abebooks. They currently don't have the series, just different Puffin joke books and a translated one.

However, you can leave a Want and abebooks will notify you when the book is listed. I'd like to find the name of a pop-up book, I believe published in the 's, about a boy who wants to make snow. I believe my parents bought the book through Scholastic. All I remember is that an orphan boy ran away from a maltreating relative , found an abandoned house that was still furnished on the inside. Found a stray dog that became his best friend. At one point, he had a splash in a water barrel outside and in it, he found a baby someone was trying to get rid off.

He started to cater for his little family, stealing bread for himself and the dog and milk for the baby. He was found-out at the house and all three were separated. He was given a job in a circus that had a panther, he ran away and when he was worn out and about to give-up, he was discovered on the outside steps a nice old lady that clothed him and made him her errand boy.

I remember taking this book out of the library when I was a kid, it was was a collection of bizarre poems with equally bizarre pictures. There was a poem called, "The Whimpley-Whim", with a picture of this weepy-looking catlike creature "The woeful Whimpley-Whim has never been known to woo. If you looked like him, would you? I'm disgustard. Any information would be much appreciated. Hi Kathy and Everyone, Kathy has a delightful blog Keeper of the Fun A fun blog about collecting and appreciating classic toys, cartoons, video games, movies and more.

About 10 spams make it through my Mollom program every day. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the writer just isn't very bright or if it's spam, so I have to check the links, and I'm usually sorry. I monitor every comment. If you maintain a relevant blog or know of a good reference no sales please please put it in the body of your text so I can check it out with confidence! That's the one! Honestly, the author was someone I should have been familiar with, but I just couldn't think of the name.

Thank you so much! I remember reading this book as a kid, it was about this conceited bear on the first page of the book, he's admiring himself in a mirror who lives in a house with his two friends, a fox, and I believe a squirrel though he may have been a mouse. While I don't remember the circumstances exactly, I think that the fox and squirrel become too irritated with the bear and leave the house, but they soon miss their home, and, in turn, the bear re-examines his behaviour.

Needless to say, there's a happy reunion at the end. Any information would be much appreciated! What i can tell you is that it was a children's book that had poems and i guess some of the traditional nursery rhymes like "rain rain go away".

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I was born in and i remember reading it before 2nd grade. Please help me find the book!! I remember it being comforting when i read it. Not sure, but perhaps it's the orchard book of nursery rhymes, by faith jaques? I had a similar version when I was a kid, and it sounds very much like it. This book was late 70s or early 80s. It was about a boy who's father would go to the shed every night and be working on a project. I remember the boy would see lights on but could never find out what his father was doing. Then, on the boys birthday his father unveiled the surprise - he has built him a train and some carriages.

He would then give his friends rides. I remeber this book fondly and would really like to find a copy for my son for when he is old enough to enjoy the story as much as I did! Looking for a book about a child looking forward to a town parade. The child develops some illness that requires quarantine at home. The dog is tan, not red, so not Clifford. Don't recall any human character being included in the story. Only one graphic is clearly remembered Can't remember any other of the plot line. Don't think it was a series. HELP for personal mental health reasons.

I'm looking for a book that was read to me when I was younger. I don't remember the title and I don't remember if it was a book on its own or a short story in a book. An important part as well, is that the creature could turn invisible and I remember in some of the illustration, all you could see was the ears and eyes and maybe the tail. This creature lived in a broken tree probably in a forest not sure. McCullage, from the Tales from Puddle Lane series. The Griffle was a creature conjured up by a magician's magic dust, who befriends two kids, and they have fun together.

I'm looking for a book about a girl that loves to read and is wealthy family with a summer home on the coast, her father is a builder and she recommends to him that since he is building houses that look all the same he should paint them different colors, they have a big sailboat, and the theme of the book is something along the lines of listening to what the waves say or reading the waves.

At the end when she is older she gets her fortune told and if I remember correctly she decides to become a writer. This could be it, a book by Barbara Cooney about her mother's family, although her mother wanted to paint Cooney, of course was both an illustrator and a writer. A beautiful book but since Barbara Cooney was famous by the time it was written and many copies were published, not very expensive. The Yankees performance against the Tigers in the ALCS reminded me of a short ghost story I read as a child in which a baseball team showed up at a game but did not swing at one pitch all game, struck out looking 27 times and it was later reported that their team bus had an accident on a bridge and fell through the barrier and fell into the waters below killing everyone on board.

I thought this story was contained in Strange But True Baseball Stories, but realized that was silly! I think it was a short compilation of children's ghost stories published in the '60's or '70's most likely. I read this book out of my school library in or All I can remember is the main character, a girl wants to go see her teacher. She has to take her siblings with her and they take a train that I believe was actually a subway. The teacher is surprised to see them but they end up having a nice visit all the same. The book was a hard cover. Sorry I don't remember anything else about the story.

Hope someone can help. This story was within a Reader for approx grade 3 or 4. In the story a girl falls into a well and the leaves are turned to gold coins. The sisters follow her but they are tarred and feathered. I am looking for a Halloween book fom the late 70's or 80's. I don't fully remember the story but I think it had something to do with a girl or a witch who stole Halloween candy but had a happy ending of course. I know it's not much to work with, but if you can help, I would appreciate it! On the cover, she is sitting on a big pile of all the candy she stole not a roof.

But it has a happhy ending! At some point in the book they build a giant mechanical robot lion for protection which ends up eating them. My parents gave me this book for my eighth birthday. It was about a boy who was so small, he could fit into a matchbox. His parents were also very small and got blown off the Eifell Tower when he was a baby. He ended up being raised by the director of a travelling circus and sleeping in a matchbox.

At some point, the director allows him to be a part of a circus act where he calls people up on stage and the little boy steals all their valuables without them knowing - he then gets revealed to the audience and becomes internationally famous. I remember there were parts where some bookmaker makes him books the size of postage stamps. He also tries to find a girl his size but is unsuccessful. I originally read this book in Russian, though I'm not sure it was by a Russian author, as my parents often gave me books by Swedish, Danish, Italian and English writers.

I don't remember how it ends. I loved this book and would really appreciate any help finding it! Thanks for your help! I think this is the same book that i inherited when i was a child, i believe it is "the little man" by erich kastner. I'm looking for a collection of books that my Gran used to read to me as a kid in the early to mid 90's. They were picture books, with cardboard covers and paper pages.

I remember them being very colorful. The people were drawn tall with lanky arms and rosy cheeks. They could have been published anywhere from the 70's to the early 90's. Sadly, I have no clue what either of those were. There were several books with individual stories - the books weren't connected to each other in any way as far as the actual stories were concerned. The one that sticks out in my memory the most was called something like The Wackadoos, actually I'm pretty sure that was the name of it. It was about these little creatures that caused silly mayhem wherever they went.

In one part they scare some people in a dark street by popping out from around the corner. In another part they shout at the top of they're lungs. It ends with them disappearing into The night,I think. I only half remember it.